Impex Establishment is Company for
- Projecting and civil engineering, related building
  trade and installation works for all types of building
  construction, civil engineering construction,
  hydraulic structures, rebuilding, adaptation and
  repair of existing buildings, metallurgical plant,
  chemical plant, cement industry, piping system;
- Preparation of investment and technical
  documentation, town planning and civil engineering
- Preparation of building construction projects
  concerning technological processes, installation
  and equipment for all types of construction;
- Engineering services;
- Building construction services;
- Construction and marketing of apartment buildings; - Processing treatment of
  natural - and granular sand and gravel, ready - made concrete and concrete
  elements, othe concrete products and structures;
- Fabrication of reinforcement and formwork;
- Operation and maintenance of construction machinery, transportation means, and
  services to third persons;
- Execution of electrotechnical and electroinsulating works for clients and for third
- Fabrication and installation of constructional joinery;
- Execution of sheet - metal works, locksmith's and plumbing works for the clients
  and the third person;
- Refractory bricks;
- Piping systems;
- Interiors.
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